Hounds and Humanity™
coaching creates harmonious homes for hounds and humans.

Something is missing between you and your dog.

You got a dog to have an amazing relationship with them.
But your interactions don’t seem special and meaningful.

You have moments or days where your dog feels more like just another being to take care of. Maybe your dog has some unwanted behaviors you’d like to work on. Maybe you have a senior dog where their behavior and/or level of comfort has changed. 

You keep doing the same things.
Your dog keeps doing the same things.
You keep getting frustrated.

You realize you don’t know how to strengthen your connection with them.

Hounds and Humanity™
coaching will transform you.

This is going to transform your dog and any dog you do the work with.

Are you ready to: 


Develop a strong relationship/bond/connection with your dog.


Start truly enjoying every day your dog is in your life.


Develop a new mindset and perspective.

My name is
Tracy Danelishen.

I have over 23 years of experience with dogs and cats and have worked with their humans for over 5 of those years to help them work on unwanted behaviors with their pets and to help them have a better relationship with them.

What you can expect from
Hounds and Humanity™ coaching

During three one hour coaching sessions we will focus on the specific things that you want to work on with you and your dog. After each session you will get a summary of what we talked about.


We are going to work on changing your mindset to know that you can change and your dog can change and you can better cope with moments of frustration.


I am going to help you more consciously and mindfully interact with your dog and handle your dog which impacts their behavior and their connection with you.


We are also going to work on how to advocate for your dog to help ensure all interactions and socialization with other people and dogs is what is best for your dog.


Are you ready to develop a strong relationship / bond / connection with your dog.

Simple changes in how a dog is handled and managed can make such a difference in your relationship with them and in their behavior. If you focus on their daily interactions and preventing unwanted behavior, training is pretty simple.

Some results you can expect from coaching:


A dog that you truly enjoy having in your life everyday.


A new mindset and perspective.


A dog that you can handle.


A dog that you can manage.


A more calm dog.


A more confident dog.

Are you ready to transform your relationship with your dog?

I’m going to help you change your mindset to know that you can change and your dog can change and you can better cope with moments of frustration. I know how it feels to be able to have the kind of feeling about your dog that makes you feel like nothing else in this world. And you can have this feeling too.

Behavior and Mindset Coaching for Hounds and Humans

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