7 Tips To Help Your Dog Relax At Home

by | Jul 17, 2017

A dog’s behavior in the home is so important. Most unwanted behavior in the home can easily be prevented, and it’s always easier and more effective to work on preventing unwanted behavior than later trying to work on changing their behavior.

One common issue people have with their dog is a dog that can’t relax in the house. Work on incorporating these simple every day things below and start to observe the changes you see. These aren’t all inclusive, but are many of the simple things that can easily be incorporated into each day.

? When your dog is relaxed and/or sleeping, leave them be….no matter how cute they look. Don’t tease or provoke them.

? Make the time they are inside the house about relaxing and their time outside for play. So, NO playing with the dog in the house!!:) This includes fetch, wrestling, actions that stimulate them and get them to react like certain movements and handling of them, etc. Make sure that everyone in the house is on the same page and that guests/visitors also do the same.

? Ensure they are consistently let outside to go to the bathroom and get a daily walk and training.

? Shut blinds and windows when you can to help minimize stimulation that would cause them to react and bark. Crate training is recommended and very effective.

? Don’t “reward” them for nuisance barking. Giving them a treat, attention, etc. when you haven’t asked them to speak is just encouraging the behavior. That means no looking at them, no talking to them, not petting them, etc.!!:)

? We don’t always think about how our own behavior and energy affects our dogs. If we are upset, stressed, etc., this is felt by our pets just like if there are kids in the house and they not only hear what is being said, but feel it. SO, make a conscious decision to recognize when you are in a state of being that could cause your dog to react.

? We often forget how a house can be stressful for a dog, especially with all of the stuff we accumulate nowadays. We ourselves get stressed out by all of our possessions and clutter, so consider working on doing some organizing and clearing stuff out for not only yourself, but also for your dog.

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